Cori Loved Coming to Clayfield!!!

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Our Library Monitors with Cori

Taken from Cori’s Blog:

Today I did a visit and reading for the Years 3, 4 and 5 classes at Clayfield College. I had a marvelous time! The kids asked some great questions and were very well behaved. We also managed to get Max & George up on the big screens in the auditorium, which made reading to such a large group much easier.

Thanks for being such a great audience Clayfield.

Mrs Lass

7 May

The Junior Schooling Library is bustling with Library Monitors and children.The monitors, in Year 4 and 5, are hanging up the Year 4 book reviews and shelving the well loved Junior Fiction books and novels. The young children are borrowing books, reading some classic fairytales and colouring beautiful pictures. There were also some Year 8 girls in the library today – lovely to see them.

Ailsa Cameron

6 May

Junior Schooling Library is the best! You can do lots of things like ……… reading ,[of course], you can borrow  books, you can colour, play games, talk quietly and have books read to you by the Monitors. If you have to finish of your work, Mrs Lassman will make sure there is a quiet area and computers available.

Come and visit us in the Library!!!!


Madeleine Hollyoak-Muller


29 April

This year students have been coming up to the library to read.

The other things students come up to the library for is to colour in pictures, play games such as chess, browse books or to return books.

We all had a lovely quiet day today in the Library.

Hannah W


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