Year 4B Book Reviews

Last week, Year 4B presented their favourite books on Assembly. Here are their reviews.

Christmas Wombat

One of my all-time favourite books is Christmas Wombat. It was written by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. Christmas Wombat is about a wombat that follows Santa to find carrots. Well that’s what the wombat thinks. He also fights the reindeer for carrots. I recommend this book is for boys or girls. I would rate this book ten out of ten.

By Henry Coronis

The Curtain Goes Up My Pants Fall


Would you like to read the funniest book in the world? If you don’t know what that book is, it’s the one I’m telling you about right now! Henry Winkler wrote this book. Start reading this book, join the adventure with Hank! Help Hank get a part at PS87’s school play. This book you should start reading is recommended for kids 9 to 99! Go read this ten star book! NOW!

Xander Walther

My book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules.

The main character is the younger brother Gregg. Gregg had a terrible summer holiday and was excited for school. His holiday was spent swimming when he does not like swimming. His brother Rodrick found out about a journal Gregg wrote last year. So this year Gregg locked his journal up. When he got to school a boy called Chirag was meant to be still on holidays but he came back. Gregg was having a joke with Chirag that he was invisible. Find out what happens when Gregg gets called to the Principal’s office. The author is Jeff Kinney. I recommend this book for over 8 years old and this is a good book for boys and girls. I give this book 9/10.

By Eva Brockett

Secret Seven

The Secret Seven are children that solve mysteries which sometimes lead them to some funny places .They disguise themselves as lots of strange things. You have to read the book to find out .The author of the Secret Seven is Enid Blyton. This book is recommended for boys and girls ages 7 to 14 years old. There are 15 books in the whole series. The rating that I would give the Secret Seven is a ten out of ten because it is the best book I have ever read.

By Samantha Dunk


My favourite book is AMERICAN RACING. The author is Tom Burnside text by Denise McCluggage It’s about sport car racing from the 50s and 60s. I like it because I can learn the facts about the drivers, the tracks and their cars. I recommend the book to boys from Yr 4 and up to adults. I’d rate it 10 out of 10.

By Ari Coroneo

The Magic Finger

My favourite book is written by Roald Dahl


The Magic Finger is a very funny and magical book. The characters in the Magic Finger are Girl, Philip, William and their parents. Girl is the one with the magic finger. Philip Greg is the eldest child in the Greg family. William Greg is the youngest child in the Greg family. Girl uses her magic finger to turn people into strange things forever.

I think The Magic Finger is for boys and girls.

I think The Magic Finger is for ages eight and up.

I would give The Magic Finger an 8/10.

By Charlie Millard

Alagaesia By Christopher Paolini

Adventure in to the beautiful land of Alagaesia.

Follow Christopher Paolini’s guide to Alagaesia and find out what the Elvish  wear, what a Dragon’s wing feels like, how fluffy the Feldunost’s fur is and learn about the islands’s history. I think this book is for year fours and up. I also think it is for girls and boys.I would give this a ten out of ten rating.

By Brianne McKenzie

The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravet

Today I’m going to tell you my favourite book. It is called The Rabbit Problem and it is written by Emily Gravet. This book has won a special Kate Greenway medal. Each page of the book is a new month with a new problem that the rabbit has to solve. I recommend this for girls and boys. I think 6yrs and up should read this book or you might ask someone to read it to you. Out of 10 I would give this book a rating of 9/10.

By Ava Papas

The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby by George Beard and Harold Hutchins


In this book there is a baby and a dog that save the world with their super powers. This book is written like a comic. Super Diaper Baby has the characters mum, dad, Deputy Dangers, Danger Dog, Captain Underpants and Flip-O-Rama. I give this book a 10/10 and the age group is for boys that are 8 or up.

By Cooper Corcoran

The Magic Faraway Tree.

The time has come for Joe, Beth and Frannie to move near a magic Faraway tree. When they go to visit the tree they discover all new things. While they’re there they meet Silky the fairy, Saucepan man, Moonface, Dame Washalot and the angry pixie. There’s always a land at the top of the tree for them to visit. Once at the top there were the three bears and another time there was the roundabout land. So come and read all three books in one. This book by Enid Blyton is for girls and boys. The rating I would give it is ten out of ten.

By Hannah Walsh

Where’s The Gold   By Pamela Allen

There once were three pirates. They were Jeremy, Bellamy and Ted and the parrot. They looked for gold and they saw a hole. So they went down the hole. They saw water and tip toed through the water. Then they squeezed through the boulders.  The parrot bit Ted on the bottom and he screamed. The pirates thought there was a monster but there wasn’t. Did they find gold when they got out of the hole? Read the book and you will find out. I would say it would suit ages 5 to 8.I give this 10 out of 10

By Declan Townsend

Diary of a Wombat

My favourite book is Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. Diary of a Wombat is about a wombat who eats, sleeps and scratches. His favourite food is carrots. The characters are the wombat and a family of people You will find out about what the wombat does in the week. I recommend that this book is for girls and boys and ages 5-12. I give this book 10 out of ten. I love this book.

By Annabelle Goninon


NERDS is an abbreviation for NATIONAL ESPIONAGE, RESCUE, and DEFENSE SOCIETY. This book is about 11 year olds fighting crime around the world.  Their secret base is under their school. Here are some team members- Duncan “Glue-Stick” Dewey. Glue-Stick is his code name. He eats paste so he can stick to walls. Julio “Flinch” Escale. Flinch is his code name. His powers are super speed and strength. I recommend this book for 8 years and older. I’ll give this book a 10 out of 10. Get the series of NERDS.

By William Wilson

Letters to Santa

My favourite book is called Letters to Santa by Andrew Daddo. When you open the book, it’s like stepping into a new world of imagination and excitement. Inside this book, there are real letters to open! My favourite letter is from Panda. He wrote his letter through a song. This book is recommended for boys and girls aged 4 to 104! I’d give this book a ten out of ten.

By Sophie Dixon

The Railway Children

My book is called The Railway Children by E. Nesbit. Their father is suddenly called away.  Roberta, the oldest child, Peter, the second oldest, Phillis, the youngest and their mother are asked to move to a small uncomfortable little cottage in the country. But the quiet countryside isn’t nearly as dull as they’d thought it would be. They discover a railway line nearby and make friends with Perks the porter and the Station Master. The only mystery remains: Where is their father and is he ever coming back? This book is suitable for girls and boys that are in Year 4 or 5 aged 9, 11 or 12. I ’d give this a rating of 10 out of 10.

By Lilly Zhang


Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about this book called Fearless. The author of this book is Colin Thompson. The bits I liked about this book are when the little boy saw the puppy in the pet shop waiting to get adopted. Another bit of the book I liked was when Fearless thought a lady’s bag was a monster .I recommend that boys and girls could read this book .I give this book eight out of ten.

By Kayla Gaskin-Harris

Dragon Quest

Discover amazing places with a dragon who shows his family from the tiniest dragons to the most enormous dragons to a boy called Jack. Some dragons live in the coldest places to the hottest places on earth! I think Dragons Quest would be great for girls and boys and should be good from Grade 2 and up. I would give it 9 out of 10.

By Pippa Sutherland

The Ballet Class

The Ballet Class written by Adele Shelagh is about a little girl who is about 5. She has a dream to have a successful life as a ballerina. But when the day of the concert comes will her dream come true? Will she be successful or won’t she? If I was to rate this out of ten I would say eight out of ten. The ages that would read and enjoy this book is Grade 1 and up.

By Rosie King

The Rumblewick Letters by Hiawyn Oram and Sarah Warburton.

The Rumblewick Letters is a book about a witch and her cat Rumblewick Spellwacker. This witch is no ordinary witch because she doesn’t want to be a witch. Meanwhile her cat is trying to help her become a witch by writing to his uncle Sherbet. This book is a great book suitable for children Grades One to five, boys and girls. I give this book a 8/10 .

By Sophia King

Fast Food And No Play Make Jack A Fat Boy

The Authors of this book are Andy Griffiths,Jim Thomson and Sophie Blackmore. I like this book because it is funny  and it makes me laugh. It’s  about a boy who doesn’t eat healthily and doesn’t exercise. I think this book is for children from 7 to 14 and my rating is 7 out of 10.

By James Fuller



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